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Tax, trust and estate planning advice is about reviewing an individual's personal and business circumstances and designing a plan that best suits that individual's personal and commercial goals. Proper and appropriate planning should always fit around the client and their goals, not the other way round.

We guide our clients, assisting them as they make informed choices. These informed choices can have major benefits – control, protection and tax efficiencies – that can span an individual's own lifetime and beyond.

A clear plan and the appropriate structures to implement it give our clients peace of mind and confidence with their investments and businesses, now and into the future.

From start to finish: a trusted guide for every stage

Process & Services

Everards work with clients at a variety of stages, whether starting a new venture, looking at investing or restructuring, or exploring retirement and succession options in planning for the future.

Structuring investments and businesses

The structure of your investment or business can have a major impact on its profitability, how it can be controlled and its protection from third parties and how much of its gains and income can be safeguarded for shareholders, for you and for your family.

Managing and operating investments and businesses

There is a real need for proper and considered management of assets, services, people and capital, as well as business and inter-company transactions. Our tax consultancy services ensure that your business’s structures and transactions (cross-border or within Ireland) continue to be arranged and conducted in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. Restructuring or carrying out a re-organisation of your investments or business may be appropriate in an ever-changing commercial environment. Here, tax-based incentives can help your business grow and develop.

Personal estates

Protection and control of the director or business owner’s own assets and wealth is just as important. In particular, the use of various types of trusts generally can help safeguard a person’s own private wealth. For example, in advising on and setting up a one-person company pension trust unique to an individual and controlled by that individual, our personalised service can enable a client to purchase a property through their own pension trust.

Succession and legacy

We provide tax, trust and estate planning advice to clients with personal assets in Ireland and abroad and work with other advisers to provide the best outcome for a client. In particular, we work with individual business owners to advise them on the sale of their business or transferring that business to the next generation in a tax efficient manner. Providing for the business owner’s own future when a business is disposed of or when control is passed on also forms a critical part of our advices. The management of tax associated with succession planning is crucial in helping to avoid unnecessary tax surprises and, together with the appropriate structuring advices, can bring very significant long-term benefits to the business, its owners and their successors.


The protection of a person’s assets and business is an important part of our tax and trust consultancy advices. A person’s assets and business can become compromised by third parties (creditors or lenders) or because of external, unforeseen circumstances. While it is often quicker and easier to sign up to pre-determined loan arrangements or pre-packaged savings or investment products, there are tax incentivised alternatives that certain individuals may consider, with our guidance, and which will allow them to control and better protect their assets and business.

General tax consultancy

A growing number of law firms and accountancy offices use our tax consultancy services to review particular agreements or proposed transactions, mainly in the areas of family law, employment law, probate and property, covering VAT and Stamp Duty as well as income related items. In these instances, we endeavour to help advance these transactions and to guide our clients on the various tax charges arising. We also assist, where we can, in the structuring of these transactions, to ensure they are completed with the absolute benefit for the end client.

About Us

Simon Everard, founder, has a broad range of experience and qualification. With this, he enables our company’s clients to identify opportunities to maximise efficiencies, protection and to take control of their own business and personal strategies.

  • AITI Chartered Tax Adviser (CTA) and member of the Irish Taxation Institute.
  • Trust and Estate Practitioner (TEP) and member of the Society of Trusts and Estate Practitioners (STEP).
  • Solicitor and member of the Law Society of Ireland.
  • Solicitor and member of the Law Society of England and Wales.
  • Member, Association of Pensioner Trustees of Ireland (APTI).
  • Authorised by the Revenue Commissioners to act as Pensioneer Trustee.
  • Everards is approved and authorised by the Department of Justice and Equality as a Trust or Company Service Provider.

We focus on the person, not the product

Tailored plans

Often individuals and companies find themselves shoehorned into one-off financial investments or products that may not suit them or their personal or commercial goals. Everards focuses on guiding and informing clients, helping them control and protect their own assets and carry out transactions in the most tax efficient manner within a considered, long-term plan.

Fee structure

Everards only ever charges clients on a fee basis which is always agreed with our clients in advance. As our tax, trust and structuring advices are based on the client’s unique circumstances and are designed to meet that client’s unique personal or commercial goals, we have no agreement or arrangement with any third party. This is a deliberate practice to ensure that we maintain our company’s ethos: that our advices are unfettered and are designed specifically to fit the client.

Registered in Ireland as Everards Tax Consulting Ltd, Reg. Number 519908. Director S. Everard.